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22-23 season, Session 1
Bear book Club Lori’s Debating Tournament Prep Academic Writing Become an Author
EarlyBird event: 01.Dec - 24.Dec Registration period: 10.18 - 12.18 / 8 weeks
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Soar Kidz Elevate your child to the next level.
  • An elite Reading & Language Arts curriculum developed by the Ivy League curriculum team.
  • Exceptional teachers who have passed a rigorous hiring process.
  • Optimized small class discussions through interactive and stimulating learning methodology.
  • Expand your child's global perspective by connecting with friends from around the world.
  • 2000+ books carefully selected by experts to develop children's thinking ability.
  • Curriculum Discussion based semi-private Reading & Language Arts classes

    Bear Book Club

    Learn Musk & Obama's reading secrets, and take your reading to new heights
    Accelerate your child's learning with our exclusive read & debate curriculum class, where they will master the 5X Reading Method, designed by our Ivy League Curriculum Team...

    Academic Writing

    Maximize your child's writing potential with our expert-led academic writing class.
    Enhance your literary analysis and writing skills by delving into great books, with our Academic Writing program that emphasizes the importance...

    Lori’s Debating Tournament Prep

    Master the art of debate with our tournament prep course, designed by Professor Lori.
    Become a national debate champion, led by a top university professor and former national judge of the U.S. National Debating Competition.

    Become an Author

    Make your writing dreams a reality and publish your own BOOK!
    " I’M AN AUTHOR! " Master the ability to write a book that fellow kids will love with the guidance of a hollywood writing director.
    Teachers Exclusively selected Reading & Language Arts Masters by Soar kidz
    Devon M.A Carnegie Mellon University
    TESOL Certificate
    Master of Second Language Acquisition
    Katelyn Certified Teacher in Missouri
    GATE Program Instructor
    Master of Literature & Writing
    Nick B.A UCLA
    TEFL Certificate
    Master of Debating & Facilitating
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    Books. Ready To Learn.
    Soar Kidz has a vast collection of 2000+ book lists and lesson plans for students from 1st to 8th grade. Our Ivy League Curriculum Team meticulously reviews and approves each book and lesson plan for each grade level.
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    Curated Classes 2023 for YOU
    🥇 Book Club
    Course Meta
    (G3-G4) Soar Book Debate Club Trial Class
     0 reviews
    • Type Book Club
    • Grade 3 ~ 4
    • Session May 23, 23
    • Day Tue 10:00 AM
    🥇 Become an author
    Course Meta
    Become an Author Middle A2
     0 reviews
    • Type Become an author
    • Grade 6 ~ 8
    • Session May 4, 23
    • Day Thu 1:30 AM
    $ 350.0
    🥇 Debating Club
    Course Meta
    Debating Tournament Prep. A4
     0 reviews
    • Type Debating Club
    • Grade 6 ~ 8
    • Session May 6, 23
    • Day Sat 2:00 AM
    $ 550.0
    I have enrolled my child in other online book clubs, but none of them inspired her to read. I am so glad I found Soar Kidz, because she is finally reading on her own (willingly!)
    Abby's Mom Virginia USA
    My husband and I are not literature buffs and we definitely don’t know much about the kinds of books our kids should be reading. We are super grateful for the curated booklist that has been inspiring both our kids for over a year!
    Louis Mom Florida USA
    My girl likes to meet Teacher Trina every week. Books are a bit difficult for my child but she's following. Trina helps her to understand clearer
    Ashley's Mom New York USA
    Great Motivation to keep my son reading at least 1 book per week, building his confidence. He enjoys talking with peers about books
    Justin's Mom California USA
    I couldn't find a better teacher than Tiffany. My Kiddo enjoyed all classes from Soar Kidz because it is very interactive. Strongly recommended
    Sophia's mom Texas USA
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