Regular Classes
Every 8 Weeks
Bear Book Club
Target Grades
GRADE 1 - 8
Class Schedule
Discussion-based, enhances integrated thinking skills!
Book club led by best teachers in the U.S.
A must class for college prep students aiming for the IVY League.

Class Information

Class Objectives

Various topics, in-depth reading, high-level language expression

Class Format

  • G1-2 (50mins/week)
  • Once a week, total of 8 classes in 8 weeks

    Reading 1 book per class, total of 8 classic readings + essential Vocab 160 review + discussion

  • G3-6 (50mins/week)
  • Reading 1 book every 2 classes, total of 4 classic readings + current affairs discussions related to the books

  • G7-8 (80mins/week)
  • Reading 1 book every 4 classes, total of 2 classic literature required readings + Book Analysis + current affairs discussions related to the books

    * 7th-8th grade classes are Academic-focused. We use a curriculum of in-depth book analysis and discussions to enhance understanding of the books for top colleges and top high schools preparation.

    Basic : Most Basic Option

    Pro : With writing Feedbacks

    Max : Full Writing Correction & Feedback Report

    Plan Components Basic Pro Max
    Reading comprehension Questions
    (provided betore class)
    O O O
    Class participation and
    comprenension assessment (every class)
    O O O
    2-paragraph essay writing
    (every other week total of 4 times)
    X O X
    Essay assessment and feedback
    (total or 4 times)
    X O X
    Full 5-paragraph essay writing
    (every other week, total of 4 times)
    X X O
    Detailed essay assessment and feedback
    (total of 4 times)
    X X O
    Essay grammar correction X X O
    Comprehensive student evaluation
    after course completion
    O O O


    Grade Color Detail
    1 Yellow Thinking skills
    Reconstructing events according to the six Ws
    Reading comprehension
    Understanding basic grammar and sentence structure
    phonics, punctuation, etc.
    2 Green
    3 Blue Thinking skills
    Applying technical and knowledge
    categorizing, modifying, summarizing, inferring, cause and effect
    Reading comprehension
    Intermediate grammar and understanding context
    syntax, vocabulary, and core content of vocabulary, reading, etc.
    4 Purple
    5 Orange Thinking skills
    Expanding thinking
    solving complex and practical problems through various approaches
    enhancing judgment through facing independent problems

    Thinking critically
    concretizing abstract concepts
    enhancing problem-solving ability with logic
    Reading comprehension
    Analysis and understanding of literary works
    enhancing connectivity between expanded vocabulary knowledge and central content
    6 Brown
    7 Red
    8 Black
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