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													Hi! My name is Lori Embree, and I have been an educator for over 20 years. Some of my teaching passions include Debate, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, US History & Government. I focus on effectively facilitating student-experienced learning. 

Class Schedules

week 1 : 05/10 Fri 1:00 AM
week 2 : 05/17 Fri 1:00 AM
week 3 : 05/24 Fri 1:00 AM
week 4 : 05/31 Fri 1:00 AM
week 5 : 06/07 Fri 1:00 AM
week 6 : 06/14 Fri 1:00 AM
week 7 : 06/21 Fri 1:00 AM
week 8 : 06/28 Fri 1:00 AM


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Win National Tournaments with our US National Speech & Debate Judges

Course Overview
This course is designed to prepare your student to win National Debate Tournaments, armed with the advanced tools needed to succeed. Out of all the skills a student can acquire in their academic career, speech and debate is the single most helpful companion tool students can have in their toolbox. According to Stanford National Forensics Institute, students who participate in a speech and debate program have vastly improved reading ability, grades, school attendance and overall interest in school. Students will form a team with other students from all over the world, learning how to be part of a team, while building confidence and skill as a leader in the areas of public speaking, civil discourse, and debate.
Learning Goals

Preparing students to win the National Debate Tournament

Formulate debating strategy adjusting to topics - Not just understanding and analyzing, but students should be able to formulate strategies of debating.

Enhanced critical thinking and application of knowledge - Debating Tournaments discloses topics 30 minutes before the start. Students will have to know how to apply their knowledges and make judgements of which

Evaluate and debrief independently without the help of coach, students will be able to evaluate and debrief on their own that will make failure to success
Specialty of the course

Tournament Style Debate

Using World Debating Tournament style of debate Each student will be provided with constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. Students will Learn the effective style, speed, tone, and volume one should have while communicating ideas.

Special strategy prep session

Students learn to write clear and persuasive introductions and conclusions using Strategic analysis. Through the strategy prep, students will be able to clearly articulate a position in front of their peers with confidence.

Team-based research & organizing

Every week students will work on drafting a clear and convincing introduction and conclusion with current hot issues by following the research guidelines provided by National Speech & Debate Association.

Collaboration is key in Tournaments. Every week students will alter teams and prepare the debate together online in various settings.
  • Period
    May 10   -   Jun 28
  • Schedule Fri 1:00 AM
  • grade 6 - 8
  • Lesson 8
  • Learning 80 mins
  • Learners 4 - 6
  • Level Test needed
  • Price $ 275.0 /month
    2 times
The price per class is $ 68.8
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