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													Hi everyone! My name is Teacher Katelyn, and I am excited to get to know everyone! I have taught with SOAR KIDZ for over a year. Outside of SOAR KIDZ, I have been a middle school and high school English/Language Arts and Creative Writing teacher for 4 years. I view my classes as a collaborative experience in which the students and I learn from one another. I believe it is important to not only focus on the knowledge/wisdom that I can share with my students but also on all of the things that they can share with me and with each other. The best thing about SOAR KIDZ is truly the relationships that are formed as we come together each week to share our reflections on the reading in a space where we all feel comfortable and empowered. One book series that I recommend to students that we have not read together so far is the Percy Jackson series because these are the books that truly made me fall in love with reading and decide to become an English teacher.

Class Schedules

week 1 : 05/08 Wed 10:30 PM
week 2 : 05/15 Wed 10:30 PM
week 3 : 05/22 Wed 10:30 PM
week 4 : 05/29 Wed 10:30 PM
week 5 : 06/05 Wed 10:30 PM
week 6 : 06/12 Wed 10:30 PM
week 7 : 06/19 Wed 10:30 PM
week 8 : 06/26 Wed 10:30 PM


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Discover the Art of effective writing through literary exploration. 
Read curated books + Ignite critical thinking = A+ Essay

Course Overview
This 8-week course is designed for students to enhance their academic writing skills, while reading and analyzing award-winning books. Throughout the course students will develop 2 persuasive essays and 1 book report relating to the theme. Combining award-winning books and related supplemental materials (Articles, Video contents and Reviews), students will learn how to utilized contents to express their thoughts in a structured format of academic writing.
Learning Goals

Students will be able to write an informative/explanatory essay of at least 5 paragraphs on a specific topic

Students will be able to write a persuasive essay of at least 5 paragraphs that includes at least two main points

Students will be able to use a combination of outside sources, assigned literature, and individual perspective to write opinion pieces in the form of analysis, book report, and/or compare/contrast of at least 5 paragraphs

Students will be able to write in an organized, coherent manner that includes concluding statements, on-topic facts and details, age-appropriate vocabulary as it relates to the content, and use correct grammar and punctuation to convey their ideas
 Based on  California Common Core Standard  
Specialty of the course

Reading and Analyzing Award winning books

Analyzing, dissecting, and sharing information as it relates to literature, articles, or other media sources, to help students develop into successful writers

Curated Contents organized for students to expand their thinking while being sufficiently challenged

1-on-1 Live Feedback session

Individualized and meaningful feedback from writing specialized teachers

Direct, immediate feedback is essential to long-term success

Various revision strategies that also support oral language

Apply Various revision strategies

Revision 1 Reading backwards from end to beginning (sentence by sentence)
  • Period
    May 8   -   Jun 26
  • Schedule Wed 10:30 PM
  • grade 4 - 5
  • Lesson 8
  • Learning 80 mins
  • Learners 3 - 5
  • Level Test needed
  • Price $ 175.0 /month
    2 times
The price per class is $ 43.8
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