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													Hi! My name is Carolyn and I am a highly experienced teacher in building successful relationships among students. Effective in developing virtual classes, and live on-line facilitating. I’m just so happy to come to be able to work and serve these children at Soarkidz. It’s an incredible community. I feel blessed to be here and hope to see you soon!

Class Schedules

week 5 : 06/14 Fri 1:30 AM
week 6 : 06/21 Fri 1:30 AM
week 7 : 06/28 Fri 1:30 AM
week 8 : 07/05 Fri 1:30 AM


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Dive deep into books through engaging debates and unleash your critical thinking with friends!

Course Overview
Bear Book Club is the first of its kind to integrate foundational skills, reading comprehension strategies, and rich literacy experiences with explicit social skills and activities that foster students’ growth as responsible, caring, and collaborative leader.Our unique  Alday-Butler curriculum and 5X reading method  enhances the academic intensity of students and helps them find the joy of reading and have fun learning based on an active learning culture rather than a passive one. This course is designed to enhance the critical thinking and overall comprehension of students while providing learners guide of sophisticated language use of literatures preparing them for College
Learning Goals

Independently read high school level books.

Analyze a work of literature, showing how it reflects the heritage, traditions, attitudes,and beliefs of its author

Evaluate the structural elements of the plot (e.g., subplots, parallel episodes, climax), the plot’s development, and the way in which conflicts are (or are not) addressed and resolved.

Compare and contrast motivations and reactions of literary characters from different historical eras confronting similar situations or conflicts.
 Based on  California Common Core Standard  
5X Reading Method

Read 1X : Read actively, not passively.

Read 2X : Discuss with peers while asking and answering questions.

Read 3X : Debate topics related to the text.

Read 4X : Summarize and Analyze the text.

Read 5X : Connect texts to real life.
  • Period
    Jun 14   -   Jul 5
  • Schedule Fri 1:30 AM
  • grade 7 - 8
  • Lesson 4
  • Learning 80 mins
  • Learners 3 - 5
  • Level Test needed
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