Tech oracle and founder of Angel list, Naval Ravikant, says “the 5 most important skills are reading, writing, arithmetic, persuasion, and computer programming.” Soar Kidz is the only institution that narrows its focus on reading, writing, and persuasion. Without these 3 ingredients, mathematics does not have a worldview and computer programming does not have a voice. Soar Kidz invites your learner into a world of curiosity and hands them the mic. We train them to become better speakers, writers, and creative thinkers with skills that can lead them to success whatever their chosen profession.
Why SOAR KIDZ? Why do parents choose SOAR ?
Soarkidz Introducing SoarKidz
1 Class Methodology
SOAR KIDZ empowers kids to cultivate the habits of self-directed learning and critical thinking moving away from dull and intrusive education.
2 T.G.I.F Motivation
  • Teachers as role models
  • Global Community
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Friendly Competition
3 Developmental Curriculum
For the past three years, parents in the United States have seen that our methodology greatly helps their children's learning. When children start to enjoy learning on their own, they can achieve sustained growth in the long term. This is especially vital in the field of language, where the accumulation of long hours and steady effort is absolutely important.
SOAR KIDZ fosters happy children who can think independently and take responsibility for their own judgments and choices.
S Self management & Success
O Ownership & Outstanding
A Achievement & Acceptance
R Respect & Responsibility
Soarkidz Introducing SoarKidz
Curriculum Design
Soarkidz Introducing SoarKidz
1st Phase 8 weeks
Introduction to expanding thinking while reading
Logical Thinking
Reading Comprehension
Important Reading Skills
2nd Phase 16 weeks
Formulate arguments utilizing proper evidence and reasoning
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Develop Arguments Using Reasoning
3rd Phase 24 weeks
Building strong rebuttals and developing and understanding for others point of view.
Critical and Logical Thinking together
Use of Advanced Vocabulary Words
Citing Specific Details From the Text When Providing Arguments.
SOAR for 4C
The 4Cs of American 21st Century Education
"The pursuit of personal excellence, an independent life. Respect for various opinions through open thinking and the consideration of others as equal members of society. The sense of accomplishment that comes from taking responsibility for one's work and doing one's best to achieve one's goals to the end"
Our children achieve the 4Cs through S.O.A.R